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A step-by-step guide to staircase renovations

If you’ve been dreaming of fixing up your home, there’s no better time to start than right now. One of the most popular projects, and one that will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your property, is a staircase renovation.

Step 1: Ideas

First off, we’d suggest cleaning up your current staircase and taking a step back to look at it in detail. What do you like? What don’t you like? Are there any areas that need a little fixing up – warps or cracks, for example?

From here, you can determine a selection of features you would like your new design to incorporate. Consider collaborating with family and friends to collect new and unique ideas and save them all into a scrapbook or Pinterest board. Remember: Only work within your existing space. Your hallway and landing will likely have to remain in the same place unless you’re planning to completely reconfigure your home!

Step 2: Building regulations

When you have an idea of the design you want, you should read up on the current UK building regulations which are paramount when it comes to any staircase renovation. A few of the basic sections of legislation cover:

  • Headroom: There must be a minimum of 2000mm of headroom at any given stage when going up a staircase.

  • Pitch: The pitch refers to the angle of your staircase and cannot be any greater than 42 degrees.

  • Risers: The rise must fall between 150mm and 220mm, while the going must be between 220mm and 300mm. Open risers should be designed so that a 100mm sphere cannot pass through.

  • Handrails/Balustrades: Stairs more than one meter wide must have a handrail on both sides. Your handrail must also sit at least 900mm above the nosing (the point where risers and treads meet) of your stairs.

  • Spindles: Any gaps between spindles must have a separation distance that a 100mm sphere cannot pass through.

Step 3: Measure up

It’s important you get accurate figures when measuring up your staircase to ensure it fits perfectly in your home.

We would strongly advise asking an experienced carpenter to check your measurements before your stairs are manufactured, as a small error in the dimensions could be a costly mistake if the stairs don’t fit!  This is where Multi-Turn offers a complete ‘peace-of-mind’ service, because one of our specialist surveyors will attend site prior to manufacture so we take responsibility for the measurements – making every step of your journey easier.

Step 4: Create a plan

Before your ideas can become a reality, you need to put a straightforward and workable plan in motion that includes your:


It seems obvious, but you need to have a realistic budget in mind that will be key to the material and style choices you go ahead with.


Your staircase design will ultimately set the tone for the rest of your home. While it should fit with the current size and configuration, it doesn’t mean it can’t have the wow factor. Make a choice on your favourite, must-have elements and consider throwing in a few bold and unique touches – anything can be possible!


While timber will make up most of your staircase, you could consider incorporating some other materials that will reflect and enhance your home. Traditional interiors tend to lean towards metals, while minimalistic or contemporary designs often feature glass.


How long are you expecting the project the take? Will it coincide or interfere with any other works in your house? Lead times or a deadline date will be helpful for suppliers on all sides, ensuring they meet your requirements comfortably.

Step 5: Consult your staircase specialist

After completing all the steps outlined above, it’s time to work with your chosen staircase specialists to bring the vision of your renovation to life! Here, you’ll be able to share your ideas and listen to recommendations and options from expert designers before agreeing on a final concept to manufacture.

At Multi-Turn, we work with our clients to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. We’ll work within your budget, creating a staircase that fits in practically and adds a stunning new feature to your home. If you’d like to find out more, give us a call on 01962 712299.


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