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Business as ‘unusual’ – Multi-Turn COVID-19 Action Plan

At Multi-Turn our focus, first and foremost, is the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and partners.

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have taken immediate action to protect the health and finances of our staff members, including the ongoing sanitisation of our offices and manufacturing facilities.

We are continuously monitoring the situation to maintain the stability of our supply chains and our customers’ needs. We are in close communication with our supply partners and we currently do not have any sourcing issues and have access to the materials we commonly use as well as other timber, sheet materials and building related products.

Because the well-being of our staff is paramount, we have put in place a detailed action plan to minimise any risk from the virus.

  • Multi-Turn office-based employees are working remotely where and when possible.

  • Constant updates are communicated via central software and daily team meetings are happening via zoom.

  • Throughout our workshop and offices, social distancing measures are being maintained. Desks have been spaced apart and, where not possible, glass partitions have been set up between.

  • Hand washing policies have been implemented and sanitiser stations have been installed throughout.

  • Hand sanitiser has been supplied to all delivery and surveyors vehicles.

  • Strict clean desk policy in the office and increased scheduled of sanitisation of all work areas/surfaces.

  • Strict clean area policy in the factory and increased scheduled of sanitisation of all work areas/surfaces.

  • Strict control of visitors entering the premises.

  • We are liaising with all customers on a daily basis with regards to deliveries and site surveys to ensure the continued safety of our staff and our customers

This page will be updated if there are changes to the situation but please contact us for more information.

For the latest COVID-19 updates please view the World Health Organisation website and the relevant Government information sites.

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