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Hallway design ideas to enhance your staircase

elegant centre staircase

We’ve all heard the saying ‘first impressions count’, so why is it that when it comes to the home, the hallway is often overlooked?

Whether you’re designing a show home to sell your latest development or are working on your own self build project, check out some of our hallway design ideas that will leave people in awe as they walk through the door!

Colour schemes

As an important transitional space within the home, the hallway needs to flow seamlessly with the rooms that lead off it. However, this can lead to people being too cautious and sticking to pale neutral shades rather than being bold with colour to show a bit of character – but that’s also not to say that you need to go all out and paint your walls a bright yellow either!

Even if you choose to opt for a white or similar shade on the walls, you can easily add pops of colour through bright or reflective accessories and furniture such as coat hooks, benches and plants.


Unless you have a separate porch, it’s likely that you will need somewhere to neatly hide away your coats and shoes – and if space is at a premium, you’ll need to get creative. Shelving, hooks, console tables, and benches are a great place to start and will help to max out the area.

You can even make the most of the valuable square meters under your stairs by closing up the space between the main structure and the wall to create built-in compartments, shelves and drawers. We share some more ways to optimise the space under your stairs on our blog.


The hallway will see some of the highest footfall in the house so it’s only natural that the space will suffer from a little wear and tear over the years. While you will want the finish to be stylish, you will also need it to be hardwearing, practical and low maintenance.

Depending on your staircase design and the flooring used in adjoining rooms, you may want to create a uniform look that helps to create a natural flow through all spaces. If you’re using wood, for example, there are plenty of staining and pigment options that will help you maintain a consistent colour and finish throughout.

We go into hallway flooring options more in-depth over on our blog.

Wall art

Some may see the hallway as a blank corridor, when in fact it’s a gallery waiting to happen. If you prefer a more minimalist approach, stick to one or two larger pieces. If you’d like to inject more personality, on the other hand, you opt for a gallery wall.

There are no rules when it comes to gallery walls – it’s the perfect space to show off all your favourite things, including art, photos, mirrors, family portraits, maps etc. You could either display your pieces on shelves or even follow the path of the wall up your stairs.


Any dark hallway can be transformed with carefully selected and positioned lighting. For example, pendant lighting is an effective way to make a space feel much bigger, while wall lights can highlight and bounce off the ceiling to reflect through the entire space.

As lighting technology has advanced, more and more people are choosing to add LED lighting to their stairs as an alternative. They’re energy efficient and can be set to different colours to match your mood.

If you need a beautiful staircase to complement your hallway, get in touch with the Multi-Turn team. We will be happy to discuss your project and answer any questions you have. Call us on 01962 712299 or email


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