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How developers can take steps towards sustainable construction

The construction industry is the largest consumer of natural resources in the world. With growing concern over climate change and the finite access we have to these resources, there is mounting pressure on builders and developers to reduce their environmental impact.

If you feel like you could be doing more to go green, read on as we share how you can adopt some sustainable construction methods into your projects.

What is sustainable construction?

Sustainable construction is the practice of using renewable and recyclable materials whilst reducing your energy consumption and waste.

It doesn’t end when your homes are built; they need to have a reduced impact on the environment over their lifespan and should therefore incorporate elements that will have an ongoing positive influence. This could include insulation, solar panels and long-lasting building materials, for example.

How to make your project more sustainable

It can help to start small with your sustainability initiatives. That way, you can ease into changes and demonstrate to both your employees and customers the beneficial impacts.

Build with sustainable materials

Wood is widely recognized as one of the most sustainable materials in construction. Its minimal carbon footprint during production and lifecycle can enhance the eco-friendliness of your project. Plus, it adds a touch of elegance! 

Multi-Turn is proud to be FSC® certified, using responsibly sourced wood for our stairs. By supporting well-managed forests, we contribute to the preservation of wildlife and local communities. Find out more about why you should use FSC certified timber.

Builders and developers should also consider using bamboo. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly option over timber and you don't have to compromise quality for affordability. With its remarkable strength and durability, bamboo staircases are a fantastic substitute for timber staircases. 

Multi-Turn design and manufacture bamboo staircases that are all FSC-certified, guaranteeing adherence to the strictest social and environmental standards available.

The benefits of bamboo:

  • Tougher & Stronger than Wood

  • Resistant to Temperature Change

  • Suitable for Painting or Staining

  • FSC Certified

Economise your transport

Transporting materials can account for a significant portion of your carbon footprint during the construction phase. While you may not have so much influence over the efficiency of the vehicles that deliver to your site, you can strive to reduce emissions by sourcing materials from local businesses.

Cut down on waste

Out of the 400 million tonnes of materials that are used in the construction industry every year, around a quarter of that goes to waste. If you have excess materials left at the end of your project, try coordinating with other local organisations to see if they might have use for them instead.

You can also reduce the amount of waste produced on-site by setting up facilities that allow workers to sort materials into the relevant skips or bins, meaning you can recycle where possible.

Run equipment efficiently

Choosing the right type of equipment, using high quality fuels and making use of renewable alternatives where possible are all important routes to achieving efficient operations.

Benefits of sustainable construction

While adopting sustainable construction methods will naturally reduce your carbon footprint, there are also more tangible benefits that will help to demonstrate its value beyond the environment.

Increase your margins

Sustainable construction involves long-term investment that pays back over time. Though some areas will incur higher upfront costs, the results will pay dividends and save you time and resources. What’s more, according to research from Halifax, homes with the highest energy ratings are worth up to £40,000 more on average, compared to less sustainable properties.

Build a good reputation

Not only can sustainable construction influence your CSR and work to generate positive PR, it can also help influence buyer behaviour. In Halifax’s survey of prospective homebuyers, they found a growing desire for greener homes, with 66% of people saying they would be proud to have an environmentally friendly property.

Improves productivity

When applying sustainable practices to your building projects, you will find that other areas inadvertently improve at the same time. You will streamline projects, minimise delays and reduce reworks. This will loop back to increasing your margins!

Boost health of workers

According to NBS, two of the top health concerns in the UK construction industry are poor air quality and noise pollution. Both can be mitigated by adopting more sustainable construction methods.

Sustainability in construction is developing day-by-day and opportunities are slowly opening up to the industry. By getting involved now, you’ll be better placed to stand out from the crowd, whilst making a difference to the environment on a global scale.

To find out how Multi-Turn can support you in future projects, get in touch with our team on 01962 712299 or email


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