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How to stop your building project leaking profit - #4

The Multi-Turn Difference – Fit first time guarantee

As you would expect, having spent many years developing a bespoke staircase and service offering, we’ve learnt a thing or two when it comes to keeping setbacks to a minimum for our clients.

Your stairs need to fit - first time, every time

We’ve met plenty of builders and developers who have had bad experiences with previous staircase suppliers. From long delays to costly replacements, past issues with the spec and fitting of the stairs unsurprisingly leads to distrust on future projects, not to mention the impact on the bottom line.

Let us take responsibility

We’ve carefully curated a complete service guarantee for our customers. On top of our detailed site surveys, precise dry assembly and thorough quality control checks – which are supplied FREE as standard – we also guarantee that every staircase that leaves our workshop will fit first time, every time.

Placing the responsibility of accurate fitting on ourselves and not you or your carpenter means we not only keep your project on track and to budget, but we remove any risk or stress on your behalf, too.

Reclaim £760 of hidden costs

Our fit first time guarantee, together with every other element that makes up the Multi-Turn Difference, could save you an average of £760 on your staircase. We remove the risk, remove the hassle and remove the stress. Here’s how we work this out:

  • #1 MultiTurn site survey - £300 saved from idle tradesmen you are still paying unable to progress their own work because the stairs are delayed because they don’t fit

  • #2 Dry Assembly before shipment - £200 saved from idle tradesmen

  • #3 Delivery to your schedule £140 saved from on-site storage, damage on site and idle tradesmen

  • #4 First Time Fit Guarantee - £120 saved from cost of making good

Saving you £760 in leaked profit from hidden costs.

To find out more about how we can help maintain and enhance your profits, talk to one of our team on 01962 712299. Alternatively, send us your plans to for a no obligation quote.

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