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Popular Staircase Layout Trends 2023

Staircases not only serve a practical purpose in interior design but can also be a standout design element. As the centrepiece of an open-concept home's entrance hall, a staircase can leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Staircase Layouts Not To Be Missed

In this blog, we will explore the most popular stair layout designs that are set to take over in 2023, providing instant inspiration for anyone looking to elevate their interior design game.

Open Riser Stairs – The Bold and Versatile

open riser stair layout
Open riser stair layout

Open riser stairs are expected to be one of the most popular stair layouts of 2023. Despite their minimalist design, these stairs make a bold style statement whilst still creating visual space. With a coveted design that gives the illusion of floating steps, open riser stairs have been topping stair trends for years – and their popularity is not waning anytime soon.

These elegant and sophisticated designs complement both maximalist and reserved styles well. They are incredibly versatile and can fit any space, allowing great freedom in design. Additionally, open riser stairs are fantastic space savers, making them a great choice for more compact spaces.

The Winder – A Contemporary Touch

Winder stair layout

Winder stairs offer a unique contemporary flow and optimizes the use of space. Crafted with wider treads laying in place of the traditional landing, the Winder stairs are largely similar to the L-shaped configuration without interruption in the form of a landing.

The deep and wide treads of Winder stairs are perfect for small, compact spaces. They are crafted to fit seamlessly into any area and to optimize the functionality of often neglected spaces in a room.

Their streamlined shape and stylish design make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to incorporate a modernized aesthetic into their project.

A winder stair stringer layout diagram
A winder stair stringer layout diagram

In addition to their visual appeal, Winder stairs are also a practical choice. They are safer to climb than traditional stairs, as the wider treads provide a more stable surface for each step. This added safety feature makes them an ideal option for families with small children or for elderly people with reduced mobility.

The combination of practicality, space-saving features, versatility, and chic design is what makes Winder stairs a popular choice among architects, interior designers, and homeowners.

Curved Helical Stairs – The Classy Choice

curved helical stair layout

Curved and spiral staircases are here to stay in 2023. Contrary to what some may believe, these grand designs have not gone out of style. In fact, these ornamental designs have seen a resurgence in recent years as they elevate the staircase to an important aesthetic element, showcasing the artistry of construction. Their smooth lines create a cascading flow, bringing a sense of movement to the room.

A curved stair stringer layout diagram
A curved stair stringer layout diagram

The fluid and curvy shapes of these staircases inject a sense of rhythmic motion into a space, making them a classy choice for any interior design. Despite their impressive appearance, they actually take up less space than many other staircase designs. Their space-saving features make them highly desirable, as the curved stair layouts can be easily modified and tailored to fit perfectly into any existing space.

U-Shaped Stairs – A Safer Option

u shaped stairs

U-shaped stairs, also known as flat half landing stairs, are a unique design that consists of two flights of stairs that run parallel to each other with a landing in between. The landing is usually larger than other types of stairs and is located at the switchback, creating a U shape.

This distinctive design gives U-shaped stairs an elegant appearance and makes them an excellent choice for homeowners who want to add a touch of sophistication to their living space.

A U-shaped stair stringer layout diagram
A U-shaped stair stringer layout diagram

A key advantage of U-shaped stairs is their ability to take up less linear floor space. This makes them an ideal choice for corner designs, small entryways or areas where space is limited. A U-shaped design allows homeowners to create an illusion of space while maximizing functionality.

U-shaped stairs are also a safer option to one straight run of stairs. Thanks to the landing at the end of each run, there is less distance to fall in case of accidental slips or trips.

T-Shaped Stairs – A Timeless Grand Addition

T shaped stair layout

A T-shaped staircase is a timeless and striking design element that features a wide, sweeping flight of stairs at the base, leading up to a generously-sized landing. From there, the staircase splits off into two narrower flights of stairs that go in opposite directions, forming the shape of a "T. These staircases are designed to make a statement.

This bespoke staircase type can be a more traditional staircase with a classic look. They tend to be made of high-quality timber with bespoke cut strings like scotia moulds and complementing spindles, newels and handrails for a superior touch. Or you can go for a more modern T-shaped staircase with some glass details.

  A T-shaped stair stringer layout diagram
A T-shaped stair stringer layout diagram

Their grand and expansive appearance can add a touch of luxury to any space. This makes them a popular choice for large homes or mansions. With the right materials and design elements, it can easily become the WOW-factor of any interior design project.

Which Type of Staircase Layout Is The Best?

There isn’t a universal answer. The best type of staircase layout is the one that complements your aesthetics and environment needs the best.

There are also some factors used to determine whether a stair layout design is suitable for a project, e.g. available space. For modern homes with compact space, straight staircases are often a popular choice due to their space-saving nature. Alternatively, floating stairs, which are attached to the wall can give the impression of being weightless, making it a unique and stylish option.

Ultimately, the best type of staircase for a particular space will depend on a combination of practical and aesthetic considerations. Get in touch with the team at Multi-Turn to see how we can help you come up with the best staircase solution for your project today – Book a free staircase consultation! Alternatively, call us at 01962 712299 or email


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