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Why a great staircase really adds value to your home

white staircase with carpet runner

Regardless of whether you’re a developer working on your latest project or a homeowner looking to up sticks and sell, you need to be able to maximise the returns on your property investment.

Whilst adding extra bedrooms or carrying out a loft conversion will understandably have the most impact, one of the most underrated yet effective ways to add value to your home is to make some improvements to your staircase design. Here’s why.

First (and last!) impressions

In a competitive housing market, small edges can make a big difference. More 'wow factors' will allow you to hold your price, so it's important they're pushed to the forefront of potential buyers' minds.

In many homes, the staircase is the first thing you see when you walk through the door and the last focal point you pass on your way out. It sets the tone for the rest of the interior and will leave a lasting impression with any visitors.

A well-designed staircase is key to making your home stand out and will instill that 'wow factor' reaction with whoever comes and goes.

Sense of quality

Walking up a creaky flight of stairs with a wobbly handrail doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the quality and durability of a home. It instantly sets a bad precedent and will divert the minds of potential buyers to focus on the negatives.

Consider incorporating oak treads with a sleek glass balustrade to create a sense of craftsmanship and dedicated investment that will enhance the quality of the rest of the home.

Valuable space

In search of those valuable extra square metres, your staircase could offer up a surprising piece of useful space. Back in a previous blog, we’ve highlighted some of the clever ideas and tips to make the most of the area under your stairs, covering everything from handy storage and personal library’s to drinks areas and pet dens.

Resolve issues

If you’ve identified any potential negatives with the interior of your home, a new flight of stairs could help. Maybe the space is quite dark and dull and would benefit from a staircase with glass balustrades to enhance the flow of natural light? Or maybe your hallway would benefit from a reconfigured staircase to create a more open space?

Your stairs may not add as much in terms of direct cash to the price of your home, but can easily enhance the desirability and perceived value in the eyes of potential buyers – providing it’s combined with effective interior design elsewhere.

To find out how you could make the most of your project with a bespoke staircase, get in touch with our team on 01962 712 299 or email


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