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Why should you use temporary stairs on construction sites?

Height access continues to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in the construction industry. New best practice guidelines and increasing regulations over the years have supported a move away from ladders, which are neither safe nor particularly practical, and have paved the way for temporary stairs in their place.

How do they work?

At Multi-Turn, our range of temporary aluminium stairs come pre-assembled with a foldable balustrade for easy handling and quick installation – it takes just a minute to fix them in place. Available in a range of height adjustments, they come complete with adjustable steps, anti-slip treads and optional fiberglass stiles and rails for electrical safety.

Why should you have them on site?

When set up on site, our BS EN12811-1 compliant temporary stairs ultimately make life so much easier for workers during the early stages of construction. They can:

Improve safety

Joinery, brickwork, insulation etc. are all tasks that will likely be carried out before the installation of a permanent staircase. As a result, it’s vital that workers are provided with a safe and efficient way to gain access to upper floors.

Our temporary stairs are designed to allow the treads to move with the stringers, meaning the stair can self-level for a firm and flat surface at your desired height. Here’s how it works:

Prevent delays

Workers will be much more productive and efficient when you make improvements to height access on site. Temporary stairs also allow for your final, permanent set of stairs to be installed much later in the build, which means there’s less chance of them being damaged while surrounding works take place – saving time and money! We’ve found they’ve been particularly useful during high specification or bespoke projects where designs are being carefully considered too.

Enable viewings

By facilitating viewings with potential buyers when work is still being carried out, temporary stairs can prove to be a worthwhile investment if early reservations are secured.

Move from site-to-site

Designed to stand the test of time, our temporary stairs are extremely durable and suit both short and long-term construction projects. Once finished on one site, you can easily take them down and reuse them again at the next one.

If you’d like to find out more about our temporary stairs or would like to place an order, please get in touch on 01962 712299 or email


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