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Why you should use FSC certified timber

Multi-Turn timber stairs FSC sustainable supply chain

Wood is, unsurprisingly, one of the most popular materials in all elements of interior design. It’s natural beauty and durability makes it the perfect choice, with endless uses to suit all types of projects (especially stairs!) and style preferences.

However, in the midst of unprecedented levels of deforestation, we have a responsibility to ensure our products come from ethical sources; which is why the team at Multi-Turn only use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood to help take care of the world’s green ecosystems.

Multi-Turn timber stairs FSC sustainable supply chain

What is FSC?

The FSC is an international, non-profit organisation that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests and woodlands. Their certification system covers the entire journey from forest to end-user, ensuring that products are checked at every stage.

What do different FSC labels mean?

FSC offers varying certifications, with their two main types covering forest management and the chain (e.g. manufacturers or traders) that wood passes through. The labels on individual products cover three types:

  • FSC 100%: All the timber or fibre comes from an FSC certified forest

  • FSC Mix: A mixture of timber from an FSC certified forest, reclaimed/recycled timber or *controlled wood.

  • FSC Recycled: All timber or fibre must be reclaimed.

*FSC controlled wood is material from acceptable sources that can be mixed with FSC certified material. The forest of origin must be risk assessed against standards, which cover illegal logging, conservation value and genetically modified planting, for example.

Why should you use FSC certified wood?

  • Controlled harvesting means that forests are protected by replacing trees and letting areas regenerate naturally.

  • As newly planted trees grow, they naturally benefit the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide - every cubic meter of wood can save a total of 2 tonnes of CO2.

  • Wood production, when managed correctly, requires the lowest energy levels of any mainstream building material - 24x less than producing steel, in fact!

  • Protected areas are outlined in forests to preserve biodiversity, especially in locations where rare animals and plants live. Here, harvesting is prevented entirely.

  • Owners are required to employ local workers to run their forests. They must also provide training, safety equipment and a fair salary.

  • Indigenous people are protected by the FSC and if they have sacred sites in the forest, these areas are completely exempt from felling.

  • FSC is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by major environmental charities, including WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland Trust.

With forests and woodland covering around 30% of the global land area, it’s important that we work towards a more sustainable future. By using FSC certified wood, we ensure our products originate from responsible sources that will still be around for many years and generations to come.

If you’d like to find out more about the FSC certified wood we use for your next staircase project, get in touch with the team on 01962 712299 or email


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