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Solving On-Site Staircase Challenges for Contractors

This case study demonstrates how collaboration with a dependable staircase supplier can effectively solve the potential on-site staircase challenges contractors may face in a project. Read on and discover how this was achieved.

In this particular project, the architect's design for the development posed a challenge due to limited headroom. This makes finding a staircase that would fit seamlessly and easily for the contractor while meeting the necessary regulations, a complex task.

Insufficient headroom in a staircase can be hazardous and increase the risk of tripping. Therefore, it was crucial to devise a staircase design that worked within the building's structure and ensured compliance. Multi-Turn was entrusted with finding a solution.

The Potential Risks And On-Site Staircase Challenges

On site staircase challenges

Limited Headroom

The architect's design presented a significant challenge due to limited headroom within the stairwell. Insufficient headroom in a staircase posed hazards and complications for carpentry and first-fit contractors tasked with staircase construction. This added complexity and required contractors to invest extra effort and expertise to ensure that the staircase design conformed to the regulations and the installation on-site could go smoothly.

Compliance with Regulations

Ensuring that the staircase met the necessary regulations was another challenge. Contractors have to adhere to building codes and safety standards during the staircase installation, and non-compliance can result in potential legal issues, damage to their professional reputation, and project delays. The stakes were high – any misfit in the staircase design that prevented it from fitting perfectly the first time would necessitate rescheduling, resulting in additional labour and time costs for the project and impacting the overall profitability.

On site staircase challenges

Complex Construction Alterations

The limited headroom likely required extensive alterations to the existing building's structure. Contractors may need to modify existing walls, ceilings, or floors to accommodate the staircase properly, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Limited On-site Space

Due to limited room outside the stairwell, the assembly process became more complex. Typically, the tight space would mean that the contractor needs to carefully plan and complete the staircase assembly within a confined area. It also limited the margin for error during the staircase construction. In this case, accurate measurements and craftsmanship of the staircase were essential for a seamless installation to prevent any unexpected on-site challenges.

Multi-Turn Staircase Success Solution

The dedicated design team at Multi-Turn collaborated closely with the architects and the contractors to develop bespoke staircases tailored to the limitations. Using our proven and time-tested formula developed over three decades, we developed a design that strikes the right balance between staircase dimensions, steepness, and headroom space to meet the required compliance standards.

Collaborative Design Process

Through close collaboration with both the architect and the contractors, it has allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the project's unique challenges. This partnership ensured that the staircase design not only complied with safety standards but also seamlessly integrated into the existing space. During these collaborative meetings, the staircase design team offered valuable insights and recommended best practices for staircase installation to ensure a perfect fit.

Bespoke Staircase Design

Multi-Turn customised the staircase design that accommodated the existing building structure to fit the available headroom and steepness requirements whilst meeting compliance standards. It eliminated the need for contractors to come up with a solution themselves and minimised the need for extensive construction alterations, which are typically time-consuming and costly. That saved the contractor valuable time significantly, streamlined the construction process and reduced the risk of non-compliance.

Accurate Measurements From On-site Survey

The free on-site survey offered contractors the confidence of accurate stairwell measurements. This initial step laid the foundation for a successful project by ensuring that the staircase design would fit perfectly with the existing space.

Fit First Time Commitment and Guaranteed On Time, In Full Delivery

With the stair design, measurements, specifications, and style entrusted to the expertise of Multi-Turn supported by our fit-first-time commitment and guaranteed on-time, in-full delivery, contractors could rest assured that everything would be delivered to the site on time and fit perfectly on the first try.

The dry fitting of the staircases prior to delivery simplified the installation process, ensuring a seamless fit right from the start. This streamlined approach enabled contractors to focus solely on their carpentry installation tasks, offering them peace of mind and a more efficient workflow.

By providing a tailored staircase design that met safety regulations, we eliminated the need for extensive alterations and streamlined the staircase installation process. This not only ensured compliance but also saved the contractor time and money, making the project more feasible and efficient for them.

Timely, accurate and successful staircase installation supported by Staircase Success

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your staircase installation results in a successful outcome each and every time by collaborating with a trusted supplier.

With accurate measurements, tailored advice and technical support throughout your project, you’re set to achieve a seamless staircase installation that you can ensure will fit first time.

The Staircase Success service offered by Multi-Turn will guide you through every step of your staircase project. It starts by understanding what success looks like for you, for each project. We then recommend the whole product, design and service package that focuses on making your project the success it deserves to be.

Ready to take the next step? Book a consultation with one of our staircase specialists today and discover how we can help with your projects at hand!


Q1: What role do accurate measurements play in the success of a staircase installation?

A: Accurate measurements taken from on-site surveys ensure a seamless fit the first time around and prevent complications and delays during installation.

Q2: How can collaboration with a dependable staircase supplier benefit the staircase design process?

A: Collaborating with a dependable staircase supplier ensures that staircases are designed and manufactured with accurate measurements that perfectly complement the architectural needs of the space, and delivered on-time, in-full flexibly based on your project timeline to facilitate an efficient installation without unexpected delays or rework on-site.

Q3: What risks are associated with poorly-fitting staircases, and how can they be avoided?

A: Poor-fitting staircases result in project delays and compromised quality. Collaborate with a dependable staircase supplier offering on-site surveys to ensure accurate measurements and prevent these issues.

Q4: What factors should I consider when selecting a staircase manufacturer?

A: Key factors include the manufacturer's experience, reputation, proven dependability, portfolio, compliance with building codes, material options, design flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ability to meet project timelines.

Q5: Can you explain the significance of a fit-first time commitment in staircase installations?

A: A fit-first time commitment ensures accurate manufacturing and installation, avoiding unexpected project delays and alterations on-site.


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