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What Happens During a Staircase Site Survey?

Staircases are an integral part of a home. If done right, the staircase element can elevate the entire space. But creating the perfect staircase design can be a daunting task. Building regulations, comfort, and budget are all factors that need to be taken into account.

That’s why accurate staircase measurements and a thorough understanding of the site and your requirements are so important to ensure that every detail is carefully considered and tailored to your project.

And this is where a staircase site survey comes in. A site survey enables the design team to take precise staircase measurements and gather critical information that is necessary for a successful staircase design and installation. Now let’s take a closer look at what actually happens during a site survey and why it’s an important step in your staircase project.

Stage 1: Project Planning

Before embarking on a staircase site survey, it's fundamental to plan the project carefully. This involves discussing and agreeing on project timelines with the site and understanding when each plot will be ready for measuring.

Staircase project planning and design

By doing this, we can ensure that we are not only working efficiently but also that we are prepared to take accurate staircase measurements at the optimal time. With careful project planning, we can ensure that every step of the staircase design and installation process is seamless and stress-free.

Stage 2: Site Visit

staircase site survey

Once the project planning is complete, a project manager from our design team will visit the site to take all the staircase dimensions for compliance with building regulations. This includes considering

  • the full stairwell opening,

  • distances from door swings, and

  • headroom distances between ceilings or two staircases above each other.

Staircase site survey

If the new staircase is to match an existing one, we also template existing newels/spindles/handrails to ensure the new profiles can be machined to match. By taking these measurements and considerations into account, rest assured that your staircase design will not only comply with all UK building regulations, but will also provide optimal functionality and seamlessly complement your project's aesthetic design.

Stage 3: Design Process

At the design stage, the design team will use Multi-Turn's proven formulas to transform the right measurements into a detailed layout of the staircase. Each section is carefully adjusted to optimize comfort with great flexibility in design, while also considering proportions and overall visual appeal to perfectly integrate with the project's style.

The final step involves creating a drawing of the staircase with all the necessary staircase dimensions complying with UK building regulations and notes to present to the clients for approval, ensuring that the design meets their specific requirements and expectations.

Staircase Success For Project Success

Multi-Turn's Staircase Success focuses on ensuring staircases are a successful part of every project. Our experts take full responsibility for measuring and designing your staircase to ensure compliance with building regulations, save time and avoid remedial work costs, creating a seamless fit within your project's aesthetic and budget. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your reputation is protected as every staircase fits first time and all your projects stay on track.

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