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Why is a bespoke staircase better value?

Do it yourself, or get some help? It’s a question many are faced with when embarking on a renovation or new build project, and here at Multi-Turn, we’ve got the answer! With over 25 years’ experience creating bespoke staircases for both trade and private homeowners, we know that all projects, big and small, require extensive planning and preparation to minimise potential issues before, during and after your installation, all the while creating a finished product you love.

If you’re considering undertaking a new staircase project, stick around while we take a look at some of the key reasons why choosing a bespoke staircase can make all the difference.

A tailor-made solution

When you purchase a staircase from a national manufacturer, chances are you’ll be getting a product that’s a mix-and-match of materials and standard components from their catalogue. While this might give quick turnaround on a relatively tight budget, it doesn’t give you that truly bespoke design.

In comparison, a specialist design team will work with you throughout your project journey, helping to create a quality staircase that enhances its surroundings and suits the pressures of everyday life. You’ll be given recommendations based on extensive industry knowledge and have the opportunity to hear ideas for incorporating different materials and features, from balustrades to riser styles. Rather than a ‘what you see is what you get’ result, your staircase will be entirely individualised to complement your home.

Take away the pressure

Most national manufacturers will require you to provide the exact measurements for the staircase yourself. Getting this wrong by even a few millimetres can result in a staircase that doesn’t fit or conform to building regulations, resulting in a costly bill for amendments or redesign.

The difference with a specialist like Multi-Turn is that we take complete responsibility for measurements and creating a design that meets industry safety standards. Striving for a ‘fit first time’ service means that you can relax knowing that everything will be done to ensure your stairs arrive on time and to spec.

The best for your budget

Choosing an ‘off-the-shelf’ alternative to a bespoke staircase may keep initial costs down but can easily lead to unexpected problems both during and after installation. On top of extra costs incurred to rectify any issues, you may also be under the pressure to meet looming deadlines for your project completion.

By investing in a bespoke staircase that meets your budget, you can be sure that the combination of quality materials and specialist manufacturing will create a finished product that will never fail to impress for many years to come.

If you’d like to find out more about us and discuss your project requirements, get in touch on 01962 712299 or send your plans to


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