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Why Site Surveys Matter with Bespoke Staircases

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need a site survey for your staircases. The architect’s drawings would be enough for your staircase manufacturer to go away and build it to spec.

But how often have your projects been held up because the measurements were out?

How often has the site agent rushed through the final sign off process before the bespoke stairs were built?


How often have last-minute changes impacted the initial drawings?

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem – and one that can cause significant loss of time and money on a construction project.

And that’s where free site surveys help. Even though you may already have plans, our site surveys allow us to double-check and take full responsibility for the measurement of your stairs prior to design, ensuring they meet building regulations and fit the first time with ease.

Let’s explore this a little further…

The Site Agent is Busy

No one spins more plates than a site agent. One minute he’ll be seeing in deliveries of bricks and blocks, the next he’ll be driving the forklift because one of the subbies has called in sick.

Measuring bespoke stairs is just one in a long list of responsibilities. And if he gets those measurements wrong, it won’t be the architect and fault; It won’t even be the stair manufacturer. Instead, who will be to blame? You guessed it – the site agent.

Select a staircase manufacturer that offers a free site survey

A free site survey removes that pressure from the site agent. And if you select a staircase manufacturer who carries out a site survey as standard with every staircase, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. There aren’t many manufacturers that offer this type of service, but at Multi-Turn, we do.

Before we even begin the building process, our qualified projects team will visit your site (with full hi-vis and safety gear), take all the necessary dimensions, and sign out – without causing any disruption to works taking place.

With these accurate measurements, we’ll create the drawings, send them to the office and they’ll sign them off – safe in the knowledge that every measurement is spot on. And in the unlikely event of it not being 100% accurate, it’s our responsibility to rectify it.

Removing Financial Risk

This simple step, at our cost, saves you the time and hassle of measuring the stairs yourself, whilst also removing the risk of rework or replacement - because we guarantee that our stairs will fit the first time.

Up to £300 in Savings

We calculate that this saves you, on average, between £200 and £300, by not incurring the cost of paying skilled tradesmen that are unable to progress their own work due to delays or receiving stairs that don’t fit.

And as we mentioned in the introduction, you may already have plans and drawings. But isn’t it less risky for a team of professionals to come in and take full responsibility for the measurement of your stairs – to ensure it fits the first time?


The last thing you need when managing a project is to take the hit on costs of rework, amendment with any part of the build, or even worse - a complete replacement staircase.

So, a site assessment is key to maintaining profit on your project.

Our goal at Multi-Turn is to work with developers to help them keep costs down and projects on track, and a free site survey is just one way this can be achieved. If you’d like any further information on how Multi-Turn can help you maximise profits on your projects, don’t hesitate to speak to an expert today.

About Multi-Turn

Multi-Turn is a family run business that has been manufacturing stairs for homes across the south of England since 1989.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and product quality, combined with elite industry knowledge and experienced artistry, to deliver consistently for our clients every time.

In the past 30 years, we have successfully established an impressive reputation within the building industry as the South's leading timber staircase manufacturer.

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