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Avoid Profit Leak with Effective Staircase Cost Management

The fluctuating costs of materials are always an element of uncertainty in construction, making it challenging to adhere to budgetary constraints. Inflation on overall construction costs also has an impact on a project’s budget management, adding extra financial burden on development projects.


Discover elements that impact your staircase costs and how to achieve cost-competitive staircases to ensure the success of each housebuild project.


Elements That Impact Your Staircase Cost


Staircase costs extend beyond the initial purchase price, considering silent budget killers and profit breakers such as project delays, reputation damage and on-site storage. 


Delays can arise from different sources, such as issues with availability, unexpected design modifications, poor-fitting staircases or late deliveries. Each day of delay incurs additional labour costs and hinders the overall project timeline, potentially leading to contractual penalties or additional expenses. 


The reputation of a developer is a valuable asset, the financial impacts of a development last and extend to future projects, influencing client trust and market perception. Staircases made of low-quality materials or late project completion can harm the reputation of the entire project. A dependable staircase supplier that offers high-quality staircases and timely deliveries will mitigate the risk of potential profit loss due to unfit staircases.


Early deliveries of staircases would introduce a set of challenges that can impact both the cost and efficiency of a development project. The on-site storage of early-delivered staircases incurs immediate additional costs and they're exposed to a higher risk of accidental damage. The costs associated with addressing on-site damages could result in unexpected expenses from rework or remedial actions. 


Also, having staircases on-site before the designated space is ready and while other construction activities are ongoing can disrupt the flow of work, potentially causing delays in the project timeline. These delays translate into additional labour costs, as construction teams may need to be extended. Collectively, these elements can spike the overall cost of the development. 


A broader picture of staircase projects with these hidden factors considered is essential for effective budget management and successful project outcomes. Having your staircase project as a controlled element within your project can act as a countermeasure against the fluctuations in material prices that can throw a project off course. 


Expected Trends in Material Costs Impacting Staircase Costs


BCIS forecasts a challenging period for the construction industry, with a decline in new work output, particularly in private housing. Anticipated for the 4th quarter of 2023, building costs are set to rise by just over 3%, and tender prices are expected to increase by slightly over 2%.


The BCIS Labour Cost Index is projected to grow by 6.9% in the 4th quarter of 2023, reaching its peak in early 2024. Conversely, materials cost inflation is cooling, having entered negative territory in the 3rd quarter of 2023, with an expected further decline of -0.8% in the 4th quarter and continuing into 2024.



3 Ways Manufacturers Ensure Your Staircases Are Cost-Competitive


Sustainable timber staircase uk

Locally, Sustainably, and Responsibly Sourced Timber 


Timber sourced locally, sustainably, and responsibly contributes to environmental conservation and ensures a consistent supply of high-quality materials. By avoiding reliance on international markets, this practice insulates staircase projects from the uncertainties of global price fluctuations.  


The result is a predictable material cost framework that reduces the likelihood of delays due to budgetary constraints or price spikes in international timber markets. The efficiency translates into streamlined operations, improved project management, and a more lucrative profit margin for your development. 


With Multi-Turn, you gain the assurance of sustainable, locally sourced staircase materials in the UK. As a well-established company and the South's leading timber staircase manufacturer with 30 years of history, we have cultivated stable, long-term relationships within our supply chain, so a reliable availability of high-quality material is secured. It minimises vulnerability to unexpected disruptions in the supply chain, providing you with the confidence that your housebuild project will proceed smoothly regardless of external challenges.

On site staircase survey


On-Site Survey to Ensure Staircases That Fit First Time


Staircase suppliers performing on-site surveys ensure accurate measurements of the stairwell before the manufacturing process, assuring you that each staircase will fit perfectly upon installation. This eliminates the potential for expensive rework, on-site alterations, and project delays, along with the associated costs from these adjustments and the added labour expenses resulting from prolonged construction periods.


The Staircase Success service by Multi-Turn is backed by a Fit-First-Time commitment, meaning that from surveying to manufacturing, every step is taken carefully to ensure each staircase fits flawlessly in its designated space on the first trial. This assures consistent success in every project, providing peace of mind and a seamless integration of staircases into your development.

Flexible staircase delivery uk

Flexible On-Time, In-Full Delivery  


Ensuring the punctual and complete delivery of your staircases is crucial for maintaining your building project's timeline, averting costly delays, and minimising expenses related to downtime. The Staircase Success service guarantees flexible and just-in-time deliveries by plot, backed by the on-time, in-full delivery commitment. Staircase deliveries for your development can be tailored to align seamlessly with your project timeline. 


This adaptability ensures versatility and the ability to synchronise with the progress of your construction for optimal results.  They help you steer clear of significant on-costs linked to project delays and prevent disruptions to other elements of the construction process, contributing to the overall efficiency and success of your projects.


Maximise Profit Margins By Keeping Staircase Costs In Control


Multi-Turn offers a Staircase Success service that will guide you through every step of your staircase project. The streamlined approach eradicates any stumbling blocks along the way. From design and material procurement to final installation, each step is optimised to ensure each staircase is a successful part that seamlessly integrates into your housebuild projects. 


Ready to take the next step? Book a consultation with one of our staircase specialists today and discover how we can help with your projects.


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