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Housebuilder's Guide to Maximising Margins through Staircase Projects

Achieving optimal profitability in a housebuild project demands careful planning, innovative approaches, and most importantly a trusted partner. 

Partnering with a staircase expert can revolutionise your housebuild projects by delivering tailored solutions that match your unique timeline, quality requirements, and sustainability goals. In this blog, we will look into the diverse strategies and advantages linked to investing in bespoke staircases and uncover the key elements to success in staircase projects. 

Explore the following chapters:

Looking for more information? Click on each header to check out the expanded posts, where we look at each of these areas one-by-one in more detail.

Transformative Staircase Plan for Successful Housebuild Projects

Timber staircase supplier uk

For three decades, Multi-Turn has been more than staircase manufacturers – we've been trusted partners with countless developers, buyers seeking gross profit gains and on-site teams focused on operating profit excellence. 

Working with a staircase expert can bring transformative impact by providing customised solutions that meet your specific timeline, quality, and sustainability objectives.

Maximising Profit Gains

Collaborating with a dependable staircase specialist can boost your gross profit gains in a few ways…

  • Flexible production schedules ensure timely staircase deliveries, preventing project delays.

  • Our fit-first-time commitment guarantees seamless installation, minimising on-costs and delays.

  • Assured compliance with UK Building Regulations eliminates costly remedial work.

Multi-Turn's sustainability initiative and FSC accreditation reflect our dedication to eco-friendly practices. Our FORS accreditation upholds high standards in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

Optimising Housebuild Projects with Fit-First-Time Staircases

In a housebuilding project, the success of the staircase element could impact the overall outcome. A fit-first-time commitment from your staircase supplier can streamline the construction process and offer a dependable and cost-effective staircase solution, ensuring a smoother project completion starting from the planning stage. Fit-first-time staircases optimise housebuild projects by ensuring:

Seamless Fit: Customised designs tailored to project specifications eliminate the need for extensive modifications.

Precise Measurements: On-site surveys capture accurate measurements, preventing fitting issues and ensuring efficient installation.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks and dry-fitting before delivery minimise on-site issues, saving time and costs.

Housebuilders benefit from significant time and cost savings with fit-first-time staircases. By avoiding rescheduling and on-site alterations, they can confidently adhere to project timelines, minimising setbacks and ensuring timely completion. 

Moreover, the streamlined installation process provides certainty and peace of mind. Builders can focus on the bigger picture without the worry of unexpected challenges, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently and maintain a smoother project flow, ultimately enhancing overall productivity and satisfaction.

Strategic Investment in Bespoke Staircases for Property Resilience

The UK property market faces uncertainty amidst rising mortgage rates and a cost of living crisis, with forecasts predicting a dip in average house prices. The Bank of England's interest rate hikes exacerbate concerns, impacting buyer demand and new build market profitability.

Investing in bespoke staircases offers a solution to mitigate these challenges and ensure a soft landing for developments. A well-designed staircase adds intrinsic value to properties, enhancing appeal and resilience against declining house prices

Enhancing Property Value with Bespoke Staircases

Staircases serve as architectural centrepieces, leaving lasting impressions on buyers and bolstering development profitability. Precisely fitted staircases eliminate the need for costly reworkings, ensuring projects stay within budget requirements.

Timely Delivery and High-Quality Design

Timely delivery of staircases prevents additional costs from storage or delays, optimising project efficiency. High-quality materials and bespoke designs enhance property value, attracting buyers and positioning developments in higher market brackets.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Using sustainably sourced materials aligns with eco-friendly practices and responds to consumer demands for socially responsible construction. Brands committed to sustainability appeal to a market increasingly valuing ethical considerations, enhancing property marketability and brand reputation.

Effective Staircase Cost Management for Profit Protection

Navigating fluctuating material costs and budget constraints in construction projects is essential for maintaining profitability. Rising inflation and uncertainties in construction markets demand effective cost-management strategies for successful project outcomes.

Staircase costs extend beyond purchase prices, encompassing silent budget killers like project delays and on-site storage expenses. Delays, often stemming from availability issues or poor-fitting staircases, incur additional labour costs and jeopardise project timelines, impacting profitability and developer reputation. 

What can housebuilders do?

Mitigating Cost Risks with Effective Strategies 

Investing in sustainable, locally sourced timber ensures material consistency and insulates projects from global price fluctuations. On-site surveys guarantee accurate measurements, preventing costly rework and delays. Flexible delivery options synchronise with construction progress, minimising downtime and optimising efficiency.

Adapting to Market Trends

Anticipating material cost trends is crucial for cost competitiveness. BCIS forecasts indicate a decline in new work output but a cooling trend in materials cost inflation, presenting opportunities for cost optimisation.

Strategic Manufacturer Partnerships

Partnering with reputable manufacturers like Multi-Turn offers access to sustainable materials and ensures reliable supply chains. Backed by fit-first-time commitments and flexible delivery options, these partnerships maximise profit margins by controlling staircase costs and mitigating project risks.

Navigating the Mortgage Challenge & Inspiring Staircase Concepts

With mortgages becoming scarcer, new home purchases and construction projects are on the decline, presenting a unique set of challenges for housing developers. Investing in the interior of your properties to provide stand-out features that attract the attention of prospective buyers is a surefire way to keep your properties at the front of viewers' minds.

Staircases as Design Statements

Despite dwindling construction, staircases remain pivotal in home design, shaping property character and ambience. Multi-Turn offers diverse staircase designs, blending traditional elements with contemporary flair, incorporating unique features like open risers and continuous handrails to enhance property individuality.

Investing in a Multi-Turn staircase can differentiate properties in a competitive market. Well-designed staircases become focal points, leaving lasting impressions on buyers and elevating perceived property value.

Understanding buyer preferences, Multi-Turn offers customisation options from classic to modern styles across three distinct staircase designs: Cottage, Manor, and Castle. This versatility ensures each staircase aligns with homeowner tastes, enhancing property marketability.

New Staircase Solutions for House Builders

The right staircase design can significantly enhance a property's aesthetics and market appeal, contributing to the success and profitability of housebuild projects. Staircase Success offered by Multi-Turn is tailored to developers' unique needs, ensuring compliance, design flexibility, budget management, and reliable logistics.  

  1. Tailored Design for Unique Projects

Staircase Success offers bespoke designs that align with each development's architectural style, enhancing aesthetic value.

  1. Compliance with Regulations

Staircases are meticulously crafted to meet industry safety standards and legal regulations, minimising the risk of costly rework and delays.

  1. Efficient Budget Management

Bespoke staircases address project timelines and budget constraints, maximising financial objectives without exceeding boundaries.

  1. Reliable Logistics for Timely Delivery

Flexible and on-time deliveries ensure smooth progress, minimising disruptions and associated costs.

  1. Streamlined Process for Success

From on-site surveys to final installation, Staircase Success optimises every step, backed by a Fit-First-Time commitment to minimise delays and additional costs.

Make Staircases a Successful Part of Every Build Project

A successful staircase project thrives on a robust partnership with a dependable staircase supplier that offers the flexibility and the capacity to tailor bespoke staircases that align precisely with your criteria for success in housebuild projects.


With Staircase Success, a new staircase solution from Multi-Turn, staircase experts will tailor your staircase projects to the unique needs of each development to make stairs always a successful part of your housebuild projects.


Experts at Multi-Turn will guide you through every step of your staircase project. The streamlined approach eradicates any stumbling blocks along the way. From design and material procurement to final installation, each step is optimised to ensure each staircase is a successful part that seamlessly integrates into your housebuild projects.


It starts with an on-site survey that captures all the accurate measurements essential for building staircases that fit perfectly the first time. By working closely with you, the service ensures that the staircase design complies with safety standards and aligns with the distinctive characteristics and objectives of your development.


Backed by a Fit-First-Time commitment, Staircase Success aims to minimise the risk of delays and additional costs. Each bespoke staircase is intelligently designed and dry-fitted before delivery, mitigating the chances of on-site adjustments and rework. This commitment significantly enhances the project's overall efficiency, reducing uncertainties and streamlining the installation process.


With a guarantee of On-Time-In-Full deliveries, it ensures that the construction timeline remains intact and prevents any staircase-related disruptions that could potentially impact both cost and schedule.


Ready to take the next step? Book a consultation with one of our staircase specialists today and discover how we can help to make stairs a successful part of your projects.


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