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Five fire door myths, busted!

Whilst safety should be top of the agenda every day, it’s even more prevalent during Fire Door Safety Week. We’re supporting this year’s campaign (21st – 27th September 2020) by busting some of the common myths and misconceptions around fire doors and sharing the facts.

Myth – Painting a door with fireproof paint makes it a fire door

A standard door painted with fireproof paint does not comply with British Woodworking Foundation (BWF) standards and is therefore not recognised as a fire door. If this was possible, we’d all arm ourselves with a paintbrush today!

A fire door is made using a combination of many materials and components that are strictly tested to ensure their safety. All are listed on the fire door certificate.

Myth – Fire doors can’t be stylish

While this may have been the case in the past, it’s very much not now. Plenty of standard door designs are also available as fire doors, meaning you can still achieve a beautiful finish that complements the rest of your interiors.

Myth – You can fit a fire door yourself

Fire doors should only be fitted by experienced joiners or technicians to ensure they are fully compliant. Even the most competent DIY enthusiast can’t be certain that a door they have fitted will protect against fire without the correct certification.

Myth – The gap between the fire door and the frame doesn’t matter

Even a fire door that meets the relevant standards is rendered ineffective if not fitted correctly. Seals on the door should fit the recommended measurements, with gaps no larger than 3mm around the frame or 8mm underneath in order to prevent toxic fumes and smoke from entering.

Myth – Fire doors will still work if left open

If you leave a fire door open, it’s just as useless as a standard door! As mentioned above, the space between a fire door and the frame is essential to resisting smoke and flames, so forgetting to close it defeats the purpose.

You may not keep fire doors closed all the time but remember to keep them shut when essential – for example when leaving the house or when you go to bed.

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