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How to make an impact with feature steps

A staircase can be one of the most beautiful and unique elements of your home. There are hundreds of different combinations of styles, materials and specifications to choose from, that make each and every one of our bespoke staircases completely personal to you. One thing we find adds character and practicality to a staircase is the addition of a feature step.

What is a feature step?

A feature step can have two roles. One: to act as the ultimate invitation to explore your new staircase and two: to improve the flow of your interior into adjoining rooms.

When you add a feature step, you typically move the first newel post back, leaving a gap with no balustrade. While it may sound silly, this opens up the space and allows your stairs to be approached from different angles; which makes moving around your home feel much more natural.

Styles & Examples


One of the most popular feature steps is the single bullnose. Often used when the stairs are against the wall on one side, it has rounded corners which join the front edge to the side of the first newel post. While simple to create, a bullnose helps to create a smooth and elegant beginning to your staircase.


In comparison, the design of the curtail makes it a little grander than a bullnose. The bottom step wraps around the first newel post(s) to make the stairs even easier to access. They add a bit more character to the design and suit both carpet and full wood styles.

Bullnose & Curtail

Combining the two aforementioned styles, you can create the ultimate feature step for your staircase. The finish will often be achieved with a large curtail at the base with a smaller bullnose on top. During previous projects, we have incorporated a variety of different finishes to enhance the steps, including carpet runners and lighting.

Can you change the shape of your feature step?

Yes! If a rounded step isn’t for you, why not go for square or rectangular with a straight edge finish? This modern alternative can be adapted to suit your requirements and will add a unique touch to the final design.

Check out some of our favourite recent examples below.

All our feature steps are made to measure to suit your home and conform with building regulations. To find out more about our stairs, get in touch with our team on 01962 712299 or email


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