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Style Guide: Cut string staircase options

white steps

When adding a touch of flair to your staircase design, it’s the little details that will make all the difference.

In our past Style Guides, we’ve shared insights into the various options available, including open risers, feature bottom steps and spindles. In the latest part of our series, we’re taking a closer look at cut string staircases and how they can give your design a superior finish.

Cut strings are a timeless feature that leave the tread nosing exposed from the side elevations of the stairs. They can be used for any configuration, from a simple straight flight to a curved design.

You can choose to add turned timber spindles for a traditional look, or even combine them with glass balustrades or metal spindles for something more contemporary.

How are cut string staircases made?

return ends to treads

Return ends to treads: These are to hide the end grain on the treads, enhancing the look of quality which belongs to a cut string staircase.

risers mitred into strings

Risers mitred into strings: These are to hide the end grain on the risers. With decorative brackets, the riser is mitred into the bracket.

spindles tenoned into treads

Spindles tenoned into treads: To help simplify fitting on site, the spindles are easily located in pockets on the treads.

Optional extras: Cut string staircase design

We have a handful of standard cut string systems that showcase a variety of styles to suit both contemporary and traditional homes.


Scotia stairs

This decorative timber moulding sits beneath the nosing and covers where the treads, strings and risers meet.

Brackets & Scotia

brackets and scotia on stairs

Added to the strings, brackets can be combined with scotia moulding to create a unique finish.

Cut string stairs to suit all budgets

Even if your project is working to a tight budget, you can still achieve the cut string effect. MDF treads can be used as a cheaper alternative to some woods; simply finish by painting and adding a carpet runner for an elegant look.

Cut string staircases are a perfect choice if you want to add a bit of character to your home. Get in touch with the team at Multi-Turn to see how we can help today – call us on 01962 712299 or email


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