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How to optimise the space under your stairs

We often overlook the potential of our staircases when it comes to maximising space in our homes. The area under the stairs is often neglected and turns into a cluttered storage room without any consideration for design. In the past, this space was hidden behind a door and filled with all sorts of items, from sports equipment to holiday decorations. But now, we're noticing a shift in mindset as more people recognize the value of transforming this space into a stylish and functional part of their hallway.

There are numerous options available, such as: smart storage solutions, a wine display to showcase your collection, a cosy built-in seating area, a study or reading corner for your books, and a special pet nook for your beloved furry friends. If you want to optimise the space under your stairs, here are some creative suggestions to help you.


Potentially the most traditional option, integrating storage under your stairs is an effective and simple way to make use of the space. By closing up any blank space between the stairs and walls, you can create built-in compartments, shelves and drawers to hold shoes, coats, bags etc.

Drinks area

If you’re partial to a tipple in the evenings, or want to be the ‘hostess with the mostess’, then this one’s for you! From mini bars to wine racks, a drinks area can add a decorative twist to your hallway and will make the perfect area to showcase your collection. If you want a modern design, consider incorporating glass and lighting.

Study area

Instead of using a bedroom for your workspace, why not turn the area under your stairs into a compact office? It’s easy to do, simply add a desk, seating and shelves and you’ll have created your own private workstation.

Personal library

Install a few shelves, add your favourite books, magazines and board games and voila… The area under your stairs is transformed into a little library, freeing up space in other rooms around the home.

Children's hideout

Not only does this make practical use of any blank space, it also creates a fun and unique spot for your children to store books, games and toys. Depending on how creative you want to get, you can make your child’s play area into their own mini home!

Seating area

Whether you choose to create a nook that is built into your stairs or you simply add some plush seating, you can transform the space into the perfect escape.

Pet den

Giving your furry friend their own spot in the home is another great idea if you have space under your stairs. We were recently sent an update from one our customers who has created a room under their Multi-Turn staircase for their pampered pooch!

Bathroom/powder room

It’s a small but convenient addition as not only is a ground floor bathroom ideal for entertaining guests, but it can also increase the value of your property by up to 5%! You also don’t need a huge amount of space to do it.

If you have a new build or renovation project in the works, why not get in touch or visit our showroom? The team will be on hand to help visualise your dream staircase and make it a reality.


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