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Standard or Bespoke? Balustrade Designs You Should Try

What style is the interior of your house?

You’re undoubtedly in the process of trying to find a staircase for the interior of your home or a series of developments, which is why you’re reading this blog.

The reason we ask the question at the top is that the interior of your home needs to go hand-in-hand with your staircase. It’s a statement piece after all, and if it stands out from the surroundings, it’s not going to go.

You’ve probably chosen the type of wood, the general style, and any particular bespoke finishes, but one thing often overlooked is the balustrade designs themselves.

You don’t have to stick to an ordinary balustrade as there are design options that perhaps you hadn’t considered.

We highlight them in this article.

Glass Balustrades

Although glass was once a popular choice, the trend is starting to fizzle out somewhat.

However, it comes back to the interior of the home you’re developing, if you’re looking for a light and natural aesthetic, glass is an obvious option, whether it’s in trend or not.

A grand hallway needs a grand staircase, even more so if there’s a view or plenty of natural light feeding into it.

Glass balustrades enable the light to flow into even more areas than traditional wooden balustrades would allow.

The other advantage of the glass balustrade is that the glass is typical of the final part fitted in any interior installation, reducing the chance of unwanted damage from other trades.

With Multi-Turn’s first-fit guarantee, the efficiency of your staircase is assured to fit into your project timeline.

Soft Wood Balustrade Designs

With budgets getting tighter, you might be looking at ways of keeping things relatively cost-effective.

Choosing softwood such as pine over oak hardwood options is one-way developers are keeping costs lower during these difficult times.

There are ways to take the designs a step further without impacting the cost too much. Painting the softwood risers and swapping out the softwood handrail for oak can have a significant impact on the aesthetics.

Consider this when choosing softwood staircases.

Bespoke Balustrades For Staircases

When it comes to making a statement on your staircases, there’s nothing quite like bespoke elements to set yours apart from others.

Why have a unique home, beautifully furnished with a staircase that matches a number of other developments?

It’s the small touches that make a huge difference. Anything is possible and something as subtle as a bespoke cap, some additional angles on the post, or grooves machined make your staircase stand out.

These little touches can easily take your staircase to the next level, in more ways than one.

Speak to our experts to understand your options.

Your Staircase Balustrade Options

When you’re using high-end staircases, you want to make sure every option chosen reflects the surrounding interior.

While design options are somewhat limitless, what Multi-Turn can guarantee is a fit-first time. This helps you and your developments run on schedule.

Measuring, dry assembling prior to delivery and checking the quality at every step, once delivered to the site the Multi-Turn team can install the staircase effectively and efficiently, every single time.

If you’d like to discuss your balustrade options, or your staircase options in general then you can speak to experts today.

Call us on 01962 712299, email us at or get in touch with your other staircase needs today.

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