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How staircase design plays a vital role in the architecture of a home

At its simplest level, a staircase is built to transport us from A to B. Historically, it was less about the staircase design and more a case of functionality but, whilst there’s no denying its utility, modern architecture has proven that a staircase can make a real statement within the home.

There’s always a purpose

In many homes, the staircase is the first thing you see when you walk through the door. As such, is sets the tone for the rest of the interior and will leave a lasting impression within seconds.

Regardless of whether you’re a developer working on a project or a homeowner who will look to up sticks and sell later in the future, you’ll want to make a profit. Small edges can make a difference to the value and will be crucial in a competitive housing market. The more ‘wow factor’ elements your home has, the more likely it will hold it’s price and stick in potential buyers’ minds.

Consider it a work of art

The staircase acts as the backbone of a home and presents a great opportunity to create a grand design feature. When you start to think of it as a visual medium that can complement and interact with its surroundings as opposed to just a practical one, it opens all sorts of doors.

Some staircase designs are minimal and efficient with space whilst others go grand and expansive. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; the options are endless!

A lot can happen underneath

Previously, any space under the stairs had, more often than not, become a messy overspill storeroom full of clutter – from sports equipment to Christmas decorations – hidden from view by a door that was rarely opened. These days, however, we’re seeing more people who want to make this space a real priority feature of the design.

There are plenty of solutions to choose from, including: clever storage or shelving, a wine store to show off your collection, a built-in cosy seating area, a study or reading nook to store all your books and even a unique pet den for those pampered pooches. We covered some of our favourite ways to optimise space under the stairs in a previous blog.

If you have a new project in the works, the design of your staircase and the part it plays in the overall architecture of the home shouldn’t be underestimated. Get in touch with the Multi-Turn team to find out how we can help create a statement feature that ‘wows’ for many years to come.


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