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Staircase Supply For Apartment Blocks: Improve Your Project Success

In the past couple of years, we have seen an increasing number of residential projects go over budget, making budget control more important than ever.

staircase supply for apartment blocks

A reliable staircase supplier can offer valuable assistance in two key ways: by minimising downtime and mitigating the risk of project delays, and by optimising the value that high-quality staircases can contribute to your development project.

How Can a Reliable Staircase Supplier Support Apartment Block Projects?

Facilitate Site Logistics

A reliable staircase supplier can contribute to the success of an apartment block project by guaranteeing on-time, in-full deliveries of staircases to where they’re needed. That helps the site manager to efficiently manage the logistics of supplying staircase materials to the construction site, with precise coordination and timely deliveries, streamlining the construction process.

reliable UK timber staircase delivery

It minimises disruptions, ensures that construction stays on schedule, and allows contractors to maintain the smooth flow of work on-site.

Design Guidance And Accurate Pre-Manufacturing Measurements To Address Space Constraints

Apartment units and townhouses often have limited space for staircases. Staircase suppliers can offer staircase design guidance to tackle any space constraints in interior designs. Based on architectural needs, a reliable staircase supplier can develop space-efficient staircase designs to optimise available square footage balancing safety, comfort and style.

staircase supply for apartment blocks

The design guidance also ensures the design is compliant with building regulations, preventing the need to do post-fit alterations to achieve compliance.

staircase supply for apartment blocks

On top of that, accurate measurements of the stairwells obtained through on-site surveys during the pre-design and manufacturing stage, also ensure that the staircases fit seamlessly into even the tightest spaces without any costly modifications afterwards.

Design and Quality Consistency

Maintaining consistent quality control and uniformity of design theme across the apartment block construction is important for both aesthetic appeal and property value. Contractors must ensure that staircases fit seamlessly into the overall architectural style of the entire building.

A dependable staircase supplier would have the capacity to produce staircases in large volumes while maintaining high standards of quality through dry-fitting checks and pre-delivery quality control processes.


As the global conversation about climate change continues to be a hot topic, residential builders face increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and adopt sustainable building practices. A staircase supplier that shares the same vision can support you in achieving the sustainability goals for each project. By offering eco-friendly options such as FSC-certified, responsibly managed and locally sourced timber, or bamboo staircases, they enable greener and more sustainable construction practices.

Sustainable UK sourced FSC certified timber staircase

Collaborating with such a supplier not only aligns with environmental consciousness but also helps reduce the carbon footprint of apartment block projects and be one step closer to the net zero goal.

Installation tips and support

While not directly responsible for installation, a reliable staircase supplier can still offer guidance and support to contractors during the installation process. Moreover, if unexpected issues or challenges arise in other aspects of the development during installation, a reliable supplier can promptly step in to provide troubleshooting solutions.

This collaborative approach and dedicated after-sale support ensure that the staircase installation process runs seamlessly and efficiently.

Looking For A Dependable Staircase Supplier?

A successful staircase installation for apartment blocks or town houses projects involves close collaboration with a trusted supplier, accurate measurements, bespoke staircase designs and attention to detail throughout the entire process to keep delays and any unwanted surprises at bay.

Having been established for more than 30 years, Multi-Turn is the leading staircase supplier in the south of England. A dependable source of sustainable timber is assured from the stable, long-term relationships with local suppliers.

Multi-Turn offers a Staircase Success service that will guide you through every step of your staircase project. The streamlined approach eradicates any stumbling blocks along the way. From design and material procurement to final installation, each step is optimised to ensure each staircase a successful part that seamlessly integrates into your multi-plot projects.

Ready to take the next step? Book a consultation with one of our staircase specialists today and discover how we can help with your projects!


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