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How to stop your building project leaking profit - #1

The Multi-Turn Difference – Site Surveys

Over the years, we’ve developed a tried and tested approach towards our bespoke staircases. We’ve worked with developers big and small, far and wide, gaining a strong understanding of what is required to help keep their costs down and projects on track – without compromise.

Your stairs need to fit and comply

One of the most important elements, we’ve found, is removing the risk that your stairs will not fit or comply with building regulations. The last thing you need when managing a project is to take the hit on costs of rework, amendment with any part of the build or even worse a complete replacement staircase

Removing financial risk

Here’s where the Multi-Turn Difference kicks in - we carry out a site survey as standard with every staircase*. The survey is carried out by our qualified projects team using the latest precision equipment. Your stairs are then built to these precise specs.

This simple step, at our cost, saves you the time and hassle of measuring the stairs yourself, whilst also removing the risk to you of rework or replacement because we guarantee that Multi-Turn stairs will fit first time.

Saving you up to £300

We calculate that this saves you on average between £200 and £300, by not incurring the cost of paying skilled tradesmen that are unable to progress their own work due to delays or stairs that don’t fit.

Though you may already have plans, our site surveys allow us to double check and take full responsibility for the measurement of your stairs prior to design, ensuring they meet building regulations and fit first time with ease. It’s part of our commitment to making every step of your journey easier.

To find out more about how we can help you maintain and enhance your profits, talk to one of our team on 01962 712299. Alternatively, send us your plans to for a no obligation quote.

*Free site survey does not apply to Express or Priority Service deliveries.

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