Staircase ideas for property developers

We understand the importance for property developers in striking a balance between staircase product costs and other considerations; like achieving operational efficiencies, the visual fit within the property and the quality of build itself.

To help you plan for your next project, we take a look at some of the best staircase ideas for developers and share how being creative with your design can still be profitable.

First and foremost… Enlist the help of a staircase specialist

Consulting a staircase specialist like Multi-Turn at the beginning of your project is the best way to ensure you get value for your money.

Our team here have extensive industry knowledge and experience when it comes to perfecting staircases that maximise our clients’ budgets whilst achieving the quality finish that maintains their brilliant reputations. We regularly advise on how to optimise specifications, and even raise opportunities and features you may not have thought possible that deliver more impact for the same cost.

Staircase ideas and examples

Carpeted stairs

Carpeting is one of the easiest ways to save money on your stairs. Doing so will allow you to choose a cost-effective alternative to hardwood for the treads and risers, such as MDF (treads) and plywood (risers), as neither will be visible after carpet has been laid.

See how carpet was used as part of our project with Thakeham Homes below. We produced these softwood stairs for the selection of stylish, high quality homes across their site.

Painted stairs

Painting your stairs will mean that you can opt for a more inexpensive timber, such as redwood pine, rather than higher priced alternatives like walnut. A white base colour will also give you a clean foundation to customise your design and will look great with the addition of a carpet runner to the treads.

When working on a handful of luxury new builds, Chartridge Developments enlisted our help to fill the vast entrance hall with a grand but elegant statement staircase. The stairs were produced using redwood pine and finished with knotting coats and primer to help seal the timber and give a smooth base for top coats to be applied to on-site.

Softwood stairs with hardwood balustrade

Combining softwoods and hardwoods is a great way to bring the price of your stairs down whilst still achieving a premium look.

This option has been particularly popular with developers, including one client who were building a site of 65 houses. They opted for softwood stairs with ash handrails across all their homes and added our pre-primed option to seal the timber which saved them and money on-site.

Softwood stairs with glass balustrade

In cases where your budget stretches that bit further, you could consider incorporating a glass balustrade into the design of a standard softwood staircase.

In this example, we combined our softwood carpeted stairs with a bracketed glass balustrade. It blends seamlessly with the interior and brightens up a fairly closed-off stairwell.

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